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Monitoring the employees

Posted on Jan 18, 2016 by in Monitoring The Employees |

Monitoring the employees is a sensitive issue, regulated by law to some extent, and to large extent by the policy of the company where you work. In order to avoid any legal disputes, as an employer, it is necessary to clearly form the company’s policy on monitoring and include it in the employment contract. The policy needs to state the type of surveillance (CCTV and email monitoring are the most common), the number of personal emails and calls allowed to be made daily (sometimes the employees are not allowed to make any personal calls or send personal emails at work), and all the other safety precautions that the employer plans to conduct (such as searching the employees’ bags etc.).
On the other hand, as an employee, it is necessary to thoroughly study the employment contact and the company’s handbook before you decide to even sign a employment contract. If you need someone to be consulted by, continue reading.

Even though it may sound cruel and unfair that you are monitored at the workplace, it is important to know that monitoring is often justified, especially when there are large amounts of money involved (like in banks), or when a high level of safety is required (such as in government-related workplaces).

Another important thing to remember for both the employers and the employees is that the employees should not and cannot be monitored at every moment and every place in the company. A good example is the toilet, where it is not legally allowed to monitor the employees by using CCTV or any other method of surveillance.

If you are an employee who is not satisfied with the amount of surveillance at your workplace, make sure to study the company’s handbook and the employment contract. If you suspect that you are monitored over the limit that was prescribed by the company’s policy and your employment contract, you can take legal action such as filing a lawsuit.

On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable with being monitored, and the amount of monitoring does not go beyond the contract you have signed, you are not in a position to file a lawsuit or take any legal action, since you have agreed to the conditions in the contract.

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